Creativity breeds creating. 

Been feverishly creating new illustrations for the book (another deadline is looming!) and I hit a wall. So. I decided to take a class on the SkillShare platform. 

Find Your Unique Creative Genius by Andy J. Pizza…

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I reread the Dedication I wrote for my book.

I still cry every time.

I am grateful.

I love.

Book Illustrations

Did you know that I am doing the Illustrations for this book of poetry? Neither did I!!! My original intent was to use my color photography but now that my manuscript is arranged, it's pretty clear that I needed to…

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Manuscript Success

Just found out from the Publisher that my manuscript passed all of it's tests. What kind of tests? Well, they check for plagiarism, biblical quotes, and sundry other legal stuff. Now I'm going back over for a final edit.  Need…

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The Manuscript

I've been putting together the manuscript for my book which entailed choosing the pieces. From there, I sorted them by content. Interestingly, they fell into some pretty direct categories, not just Love and Death like I thought they would. In…

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New Website, Lyric Video

I think we tend to be single minded creatures. 

Specifically, I'm thinking about the process of publishing my upcoming book of poetry. One thinks that what is needed is to write the material, arrange it, and submit it, but in…

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New Book Coming Soon...

It's 2020 and in July... my father died. Consumed with grief, I decided to surrender to the Universe. Slowly- gently- people started to offer me their happy memories of my dad. Most said they loved his smile and his laugh…

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