The Day We Met

Can it really be that you and I first met 23 years ago today? I remember being in the Saratoga Annex at CSUMB, listening to the Student Voice representative talk, when something drew my attention to the window. 


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Brief Instant

19 years ago, in a brief instant, I met the man I was destined to marry. Tall, blond, handsome, shy - he reached forward to shake my hand while his father introduced us. I don't remember his father's words, only…

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Pilgrims and Charms

A little while ago, I came across a piece of artwork with the most incredible frame.  Here is a close up of it.

It instantly transported me back to Costa Rica, to the Iglesia de los Angeles in…

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Cat in a Circle

The cat lay neatly in a circle, one eye open to all movement surrounding her. She twitched an ear when hearing, twitched her tail when she got a feeling, and lifted her head whenever her heart fluttered with love…

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Eli the Gargoyle

Sliced from foot to femur, howling from the pain, Eli the Gargoyle began to cry. He had but one desire when he started the day -- protect his mother at all costs. Little did he know the extent of…

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Mid-Century Modern Update

I'm on a bit of a Mid-Century Modern kick lately, and decided to take a stab at "getting the feel of it".

Did some visual research, collected some color palettes, and played around with shapes in Adobe Illustrator -…

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I post on social media about 11:11, and sometimes I come across things like this:



Activate sleep mode 

Bvp Dec 2, 2020 



Activate sleep mode 

Bvp Dec 2, 2013

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Flavored Fragments #2

You have sustained us - 

with fun and Tiki Parties for Two - 

with outdoor movies and Monk Fruit - 

with sweet, sassy, sexy love. 

I worship you. 

Or I wouldn't be able to…

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Flavored Fragments #1

To be, this day, with you in my... chamber, with you as my witness, with you as my promise, is a bless-ed bliss indeed. This is what fated lives we live and breathe...


-The rest of this…

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Trading Places

TRADING PLACES is a Christmas movie. 

Let that rattle around a bit.

Smiling is the Best

A man just walked up to and said, "When you smile your whole body smiles!" 

Why, yes Mister. It does! Thanks for noticing!

Pain Sliced

Pain sliced through me - - numb fingers & toes, electrical nerve slices ripping at my legs. Somehow the base of my neck was shockingly able to shoot cannon bullets into my brain, shards of glass-like torment lacing my…

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